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Internet Banks : The Advantages Of Online Banking

Internet Banks

Online banking uses computer technology to relieve the consumer of the paper based and time consuming aspects of traditional banking, which allows people to manage their finances efficiently and quickly. Sometime online banking is called electronic banking, Internet banking or home banking. With the help of the internet, banks have started utilizing powerful computer networks for automating large numbers of daily transactions, which minimizes the time consuming manual paper work and giving access to many different banking services to its clients instantly, on demand, at home or at work.

With the help online banking the banks have the power to attract the new and potential customers by giving them an opportunity to eradicate time consuming teller interactions and has therefore become a significant competitive weapon in an increasingly over supplied banking environment. Online banking allows day to day transactions over the Internet through a secure bank website. With the help of online banking one can have access to money and banking functions anytime and anywhere, where there is internet access.

One advantage of these online banks is that they remain available all the time unlike the traditional banks, which are open only within office hours. If the consumer is out of town and he needs money, then he can log on quickly to his banks website and take care of the required business, such as paying a pressing utility bill. Also the individual can manage and access all of the aspects of bank accounts like CDs, IRAs securities from one protected website. Increasingly banks are using online access to bundle access to stock brokerage and other financial services.

The speed employed by the online banks for executing and confirming the transactions is faster than the traditional speed of ATM processing. Also various features are included in online bank websites. These features such as stock quotes, account aggregation, programs for managing portfolio and rate alerts assist the customers in organizing all their assets easily and efficiently. This technology has seen a tremendous increment in usage, as more and more big national banks and various other banks in smaller regions, have started some form of online banking to provide convenience to their customers. In fact it is rare today to find a significant bank without a comprehensive online presence.

The online banking mechanism is fast and relatively secure compared to the traditional banks operations because of automation of the manual aspects of banking practice, which is time consuming. It is interesting to note that often a modern internet banking facility is built as a front end to an older legacy banking system. Banks are loath to change something that they know works, when millions of dollars flow through the system.

Apart from various benefits, there are also some downfalls of online banking as online crime is increasing day by day. A few computer glitches which have revealed individuals personal details have been occurring, sometimes at third party processors. Therefore one must check the security of the website, while conducting business online as any leak of passwords to the wrong person may have adverse
effects. Also one should make sure to log out after finishing the session. The computers security system should be sound enough to maintain privacy of personal information. But still, we can say that Internet banking is really a boom to the customers in accessing and managing their account effectively, anytime and almost anywhere.

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  1. wandhe Says:

    wan baru tau diinternent ada bank, heheheh
    maklum blum tau apa2

  2. Dengan Internet Banking kita dapat melakukan pengecekan saldo rekening kita menggunakan PC, Laptop, atau Ponsel. Selain itu kita dapat melakukan pembayaran dan berbagai aktivitas finansial lainnya jika Anda sudah memiliki Token dari bank yang bersangkutan. Token merupakan alat pengaman tambahan yang dapat digunakan untuk mengacak PIN, dengan demikian keamanan PIN Anda akan terjaga. Namun kita tidak dapat terhindar dari hal-hal cracking, dan hacking yang jahat. Oleh karena itu dalam hal penggunaan Internet Banking sebaiknya digunakan pada PC/Laptop sendiri, dan hindari mengakses akun Anda di tempat hot spot umum, warnet, dan tempat umum lainnya untuk menghindari cracking dari pihak yang tidak bertanggung jawab.

  3. Santriasli Says:

    Betul guys,meskipun semakin mudah bukan berarti semakin aman. Perlu tindakan preventiv agar kenyamanan dan kemudahan kita bertransaksi tetap aman.

  4. Lina Gustina Says:

    It seems that online banking is a great help!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    online banking is really a great help. It save you time from going to the bank

  6. Dedy Fajar Says:

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    nice info....
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    nice article babe

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    salah satu fasilitas yang patut dimaksimalkan

  12. Anonymous Says:

    semua transaksi bisa kita akses dengan mudah dan cepat dengan Internet Banks,,

    di sini tertulis bagaimana memulainya untuk menggunakan intenet untuk menjalankan transaksi banking,, wah...

    nice post..