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Internet Banks : Internet Bank Safety

Internet Banks

Internet banks take every step necessary to ensure that only you and authorized people have access to your account. Strict security measures have been applied to ensure your security. Here are some of them.

Account information. Before you can engage in any transaction with Internet banking, you need to create a unique profile. You need to answer extensive questions, detail your personal information, and create your own password and PIN number. All your security codes, passwords, PIN, and reference numbers are encrypted to ensure their safety.

Session cancellation. If you become idle for a certain period of time while logged on to your Internet bank account, the session gets automatically cancelled. You would have to re-enter the system to execute any transactions.

Lockout. Whenever you enter your password or PIN incorrectly for three consecutive times, the password will automatically be locked and you will need to request that your password be reset. Banks also recommend that you use to the virtual keyboard provided whenever you enter a password or a PIN to prevent the possibility of your keystrokes being sent to any unscrupulous individual.

Additional authentication features. Certain transactions (such as adding a new beneficiary) require you to undergo additional authentication. The additional authorization code is actually assigned and sent to you by the bank. You need to supply this reference number in order to proceed with the transaction. If you do not enter the reference number, your transaction is aborted.

Digital certificates. These are issued to ensure the authenticity of the website you are dealing with. To personally verify if there is a certificate sent to you or if the certificate is really from you Internet bank, you can check the list of digital certificates that are in your computer.

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