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Internet Banks : So Why Has Internet Banking Taken Off in Such a Big Way?

Internet Banks

Internet banking is becoming more popular with each passing day. Fewer and fewer people are ever going to their banks, preferring instead to use the Internet to manage their money, check how much they have and pay bills. You can even pay in cheques by post, removing the reason most people go to banks. More and more banks are being established as ‘Internet banks’, working entirely online with no physical branches and customer service by email and telephone only, and many people report good experiences with these banks.

So why has Internet banking taken off in such a big way? Most of the answer is to do with the adoption of broadband. Back in the days of dial-up, few people wanted to their banking on the Internet, feeling that if they had to dial then it was easier to just call the bank and not have to go through so many security checks. Since broadband came on the scene, though, more and more people have been able to check their bank account any time, both at home and at work, and have started to find the Internet to be the most convenient way of dealing with their bank account.

As Internet banking saves the banks money on branches and staff, they have been keen to get as many people signed up for it as possible, sending out regular letters and trying to get people to sign up for it in the branch. They see it as a win-win situation: they make more profits, and the customers are happier at having quicker access to their accounts. Internet banks, even if they have few customers, are very profitable indeed, which allows them to offer higher interest rates to their customers than high street banks, enticing gradually more people to move away from ‘real world’ banking altogether.

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